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100pc Premium Peel + Seal Cellophane Bags – Small


Premium, that’s what you want. So we’ve made your packaging options the very best we can. At SiliMama we’ve taken all of the hard work out of sourcing all of the bits + pieces you might need to start your very own small business. So we are super excited to include things to help enhance your packaging and marketing of your products.

Our SiliMama Premium Cellophane Bags are the perfect way to package and send your products, you can pair these with our gorgeous stickers and pop in a Safety Card from our range and you’re all set! These cellophane bags are the perfect blank canvas, glossy and crystal clear and simply tear off the cover for super easy peeling + sealing. So easy, the kids can do this to make gifts for family and friends from start to finish! Wah-la!

These are our Small Premium Peel + Seal Cellophane Bags. They come in packs of 100 and are 7.5cm x 10cm.

See our other listings for more options on sizing.

Happy Creating!


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