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20mm Flat Round Beads Side Hole


SiliMama Flat Round Wooden Beads with a side hole – 10 pieces per pack
Each pack contains 10 x Slick Round Wooden Cut Beads with a side hole for threading. We also have ones with a center hole that you can check out for mixing and matching.

Our wooden beads are perfect for creating a wide variety of products and are conveniently packaged so they are also the perfect gift to give. Whether you are creating gorgeous goodies for your own business, a creative type who just wants to delve into something hands on or if you have kids who need something to do on those rainy days or school holidays.
You are only limited by your imagination.

Pair our funky wooden beads with a mix from our Silicone Range and you’ll have endless crafting ideas that will keep you and the kids in the house busy for weeks!


20mm Flat Round Beads Side Hole


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