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Why us? Why now? Why flip the industry on its head? Hello world! Who are we?? Well by name we are Dee + Claire and together we make up the boss babes + CEOs behind two already established global silicone jewellery businesses (Nibbly Bits and Jellystone Designs) and yes now we’ve joined forces to launch SiliMama. We have over six years of experience in the world of silicone bits and pieces, we (along with only 2 other brands at the time globally) were the first in the world to introduce the fabulous concept of silicone beads, teething jewellery and teething toys. We are business rivals (yes you did read that right!) who randomnly crossed paths at a trade show early on in 2017 and just clicked. Despite being the biggest competitors in the market to one another, it seemed as though under all of the business workings there might be an opportunity to collaborate. Like many things in life when there is a great connection great things can follow. With everything we know and have learned from our industry experience we thought why waste another moment. Let’s pop that bottle of champagne and get this party started! And pop that bottle we did. Competitors, business rivals and now partners in business. Yes, we’re exactly like Nadal and Federer.   We haven’t started dressing like each other yet, but it’s early days and anything goes here at SiliMama Headquarters. So watch this space! And if you want to know more about us, then check out the About Us section on this website. So what exactly is SiliMama and why do you need to know about it?? SiliMama is a brand new business concept offering an original and complete range of products for DIY jewellery and accessory making, including silicone beads, cords, clasps and accessories with the highest quality and unique designs. Combining this with a customer focused and friendly online group to support and encourage the dreamers, creators and magic makers, we strongly believe in the power of idea sharing and the creative potential that can stem from transparency. Competitors usually use their energy trying to sabotage/tear each other down however we’ve turned a potential business rivalry into an amazing partnership whilst maintaining our existing businesses separate to SiliMama. By joining forces we see ourselves as strong and united, showing others that there are alternative ways in which to have progress, growth and new inspiration drawn from existing passion. Sharing our industry insights and experiences have helped us to shape a powerful new direction and we can’t wait to show the world what we are made of.   We are super excited – like this kind of excited!! –   SiliMama is going to ruffle a few feathers in the supply world but hey, we were so tired of outdated, boring and poor quality products hitting the market –  enough was enough. We want you (our customers) to have the best experience ever, so there are no short cuts, no hard sells and we don’t compromise on safety – EVER!  Unlike other brands on the market, all of SiliMama silicone products have been designed in line with global safety standards and are independently tested to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality, no exceptions. Not sure where to start with designing and testing? We are happy to help so get in touch! We have a fun and friendly Facebook group – The SiliMama Tribe where you can join to connect with like-minded creative mamas, ask questions, check out our latest designs and pick our brains – no strings attached. Although we happily accept donations in the form of wine at any time. We are incredibly proud to announce that SiliMama is already an award winning business (hooray!) taking out our first Gold in the National Ausmumpreneur Awards in Australia 2017 for the Best Big Idea. We both attended the awards in Sydney to accept the award at the beautiful Doltone House with our very proud husbands and the newest member of the SiliMama tribe, baby Bonnie who was just 4 weeks old! So there’s the intro. Here’s the website. It’s going to be a super fun year and we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on. So welcome to the SiliMama tribe, it’s so nice to finally be able to share this brand with you all. And we can’t wait to see what 2018 brings us. Watch this space. #silimamaisGO


  • Dani
    April 12, 2018

    Love the story so far! From competitors to co-founders – amazing!! XX


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