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Care Instructions

Care Instructions

All of SiliMama products are
Non Toxic Silicone // Premium Beech wood // FDA approved + CPSIA complaint // Independently Tested

Cleaning instructions Silicone Products:
To clean simply wipe with a non toxic baby wipe or quick warm soapy water wash. Leave to air dry. If you are out and about and your little one gets nice sticky fingers on your silicone products or extra drool, the baby wipe trick is simple and easy. The products do not require sterilisation as the silicone is a “dead product” meaning it does not harbor or carry mold or bacteria and is graded at the highest level food grade silicone, meaning you can literally eat off it! Mmm vegemite teethers!

Do NOT put your necklaces in the dishwasher. MANY brands advertise this as a safe and effective way of cleaning but your dishwasher runs at speeds that will have micro-food particles carrying bacteria penetrate your cord and render your cord contaminated. YUCK! SiliMama has never advised this as a cleaning method but we feel it needs to be mentioned here as there are so many out there who have stated this is a safe method, it is NOT, a warm soapy wash will do the trick.

Our Beechwood Beads, Teethers and Dummy Chains:

Due to the nature of beechwood we do not recommend you soak or leave your beechwood products in water submerged or use in a steriliser.  And to take care of our beech wood rings and beads we recommend rubbing in a little olive oil or coconut oil whenever needed to keep the wood moisturised and to improve it’s longevity.

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