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About SiliMama – The Brand + The Boss Babes Behind it all

SiliMama is a fresh new approach to craft supplies with a strong focus on providing modern and original silicone bead and teether designs. Our unique and luxurious texture which is unrivalled in quality is just one of the main reasons that SiliMama will stand above the rest, and take your creative designs to the next level! From all kinds of creative types, including those modern mamas who want to style their own unique designs, we know we will have you covered. Our range is modern, on trend and will be continuously evolving over time to ensure you always have access to the very best supplies. We’re already addicted and know you will be too.

Winners already? Yep! We are excited to have alread taken home GOLD in the National Ausmumpreneur Awards in Australia 2017 for ‘Best Big Idea’. We pitched to a panel of judges against some amazing businesses with no more than a handful of samples and our rock solid business plan and wouldn’t you know it, they chose US as the winners on the night. We are still pinching ourselves.

SiliMama Boss babes, Claire and Dee attended the awards in Sydney to accept the award at the beautiful Doltone House with their very proud husbands Luke + Scott, and the newest member of the SiliMama tribe, baby Bonnie who was just 4 weeks old!

So who are Claire and Dee? Well we are two rival business owners who accidentally crossed paths at a trade show early on in 2017 and just clicked. Despite being the biggest competitors on the market to one another, there seemed like under all of the business stuff there might be an opportunity to collaborate. With no more than an idea and very basic concept of SiliMama, Dee decided to approach Claire about a potential partnership and the rest they say is history.. Although we are only just really warming up! We’ve taken everything we know and have learned over the last 6+ years in this industry and pieced together a brand new business model that allows us to deliver you the very best and safest products available.

A little more about SiliMama Claire –
Describe your style? Style chops and changes from one day to the next depending on events but usually settle on jeans, T-shirt and either heels or sneakers depending on where I’m heading!
One thing you think people would like to know about Dee? She’s a pop star!! 
What influences your SiliMama ranges? I love neutrals and tonal warm and cool greys with a pop of colour that matches back with my outfit!
Three words that describe you? Compassionate, hard working and creative (even if that leads to making cubby houses on our stair case with every cushion and pillow in our house)
Three things you can’t live without? My family, wine and mezze plate and the sea
Three things that describe SiliMama? Creative, Supportive, Endless possibilities
Words to live by? If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never been in bed with a mosquito
This year I will… kick some business goals
Any advice for anyone wanting to start their own small business? Dream big, work hard, dive in and ask anyone and everyone for help and feedback but trust your gut when you do this. And! Remember be YOU – everyone else is taken 
A little more about SiliMama Dee –
Describe your style? Simple. Comfortable. Baby proof!
One thing you think people would like to know about Claire? She may appear quiet and shy to begin with but after a couple of cheeky wines she can rip up a dance floor like a boss.
What influences your SiliMama ranges? We just design styles that we would want to rock! And we try to cater for lots of different vibes, chunky + cool and sophisticated + sweet.
Three words that describe you? Chatterbox, Spontaneous + Loyal
Three things you can’t live without? My kids, wine + my Husband Dog! Just kidding I’d choose the cat. Ha!
Three things that describe SiliMama? Fresh, Modern + Fun
Words to live by? If you can’t stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it.
This year I will… Continue to grow and learn, evolve and love bigger than I did the year before.
Any advice for anyone wanting to start their own small business? Do it! Making mistakes is way more fun than faking perfection.

At SiliMama we don’t just source products out of mass produced factories from Chinese catalogs on Alibaba and the like, we hold an exclusive contract with our manufacturer and we create our own designs that are delivered to us in the quality that makes the other suppliers crazy with envy. And while we understand that the launch of SiliMama is going to ruffle a few feathers in the supply world, we were just tired of outdated, boring and poor quality products hitting the market – so enough was enough.

With a network of distributors across the globe, we’ve hand selected people to represent our brand in various parts of the world with a strong emphasis on supporting the movers and shakers, giving access to the highest quality and cost effective crafting solutions and more. We also want you (our customers) to have the best experience ever, so there are no short cuts, no hard sells and we don’t compromise on safety – EVER!  Unlike other brands on the market, all of SiliMama silicone products have been designed in line with global safety standards and are independently tested to ensure we maintain the highest level of quality, no exceptions. What you choose to create with our pieces is only as limited as your imagination, but we always recommend that if marketing your products for use by babies that you seek to have your designs tested to comply with local safety standards. Not sure where to start with designing and testing? We are happy to help so get in touch!

We have a fun and friendly Facebook group – The SiliMama Tribe where you can join to connect with like minded creative mamas, ask questions, check out our latest designs and pick our brains for free!

Our brand is all about fun, support and creativity and we are more than happy to share tips and tricks with you along the way so you can perfect your craft and take your small business to the next level. For far too long we’ve seen a handful of suppliers sell you their products but not share any love beyond taking your money and leaving you in the dark! Our business is totally different. And we love feedback so be sure to give us lots and lots so we can keep pushing the envelope and bringing you amazing products.

It’s going to be a super fun year and we can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been working on.

So welcome to the SiliMama tribe, it’s so nice to finally be able to share this brand with you all.

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